Get Windows 8 Aero Color Rotation Feature In Windows 7 – AeroRainbow

One of the many expected features of  Windows 8 is the ability to rotate Aero Glass color according to the color scheme of the current wallpaper. AeroRainbow is a third-party software which automatically change the Windows 7 Aero color according to the current wallpaper, active window, by random order or according to your predefined color shades. AeroRainbow has been developed by the same developer who brought us AeroTuner, which I reviewed earlier.

This below screenshot, shows how you can automatically rotate Windows 7 Aero Glass color shades using AeroRainbow.


AeroRainbow displays three desktop shortcuts (after installation) to access configurations, launch and close AeroRainbow. You can access Configurations from the configurations shortcut or the system tray menu after launching AeroRainbow.

  • If you rotate wallpapers by random order, then you can also select a speed of rotation from the slider on top.
  • The second option is meant to rotate Aero color shades according to your wallpapers source color.
  • The third option rotates Aero wallpaper color according to your current window color.
  • The fourth option allows you to create a custom color list to change Aero color periodically.


When you select the current window as the color source, AeroRainbow detects the most prominent color from the window and change the Windows 7 Aero color according to that color. The color switches as you move the mouse from one window to the other.

By Active Window

As Windows Aero Glass Effect is present only in Windows 7, therefore, AeroRainbow works only on Windows 7.

Download AeroRainbow