Get Windows 8 Style Metro User Interface With Mosaic

Mosaic (previously known as Metro Home 2) is a portable software which brings Windows 8 style Metro UI to your desktop. It is a set of live widgets that shows some content from the web or from your PC. You can pin websites, get weather updates, picture slideshows and more by adding the various gadgets to the desktop. This application is an attempt to replicate the Windows 8 style UI (user interface) shown in Microsoft demos.

Windows 8 Metro UI

After launching Mosaic, double click on the right hand side of the desktop and choose widgets and pin any website or installed application to your desktop. You can exit Mosaic anytime from the Exit Mosaic option.


With Mosaic, you can easily pin websites or applications and get a load of useful gadgets for making your desktop more stylish and receiving important updates (such as weather updates) from your desktop. It runs in two mode, the normal and full screen mode. You can switch to full screen mode by selecting the relevant check box from options button.


Mosaic requires .Net Framework 4 to be installed on your computer and is only compatible with Windows 7. For complete details about system requirements and update versions, visit the developer’s page from the link given below.

Download Mosiac