Get Windows 8 Style Metro Widgets For Windows 7 With Pulmon

I have recently reviewed some applications that are trying to emulate the Windows 8 features for Windows 7 computers. Some examples include Mosaic and Metro Clock 2. Pulmon is another such application which brings Windows 8 style metro tiles to Windows 7. It comes with different kinds of tile shape widgets which can be added to the desktop. These includes widgets for Internet Explorer, Control Panel, Shutdown Manager, User Account Settings, as well as a Date and Time widget.

Once the portable Pulmon application is launched, double click on a tile to add it to the desktop.To minimize Pulmon to system tray click  Move To Tray option.


The widgets can be easily dragged and placed at a convenient location on your desktop. The Shutdown Manager contains shutdown, restart, log off and hibernation options, whereas the other widgets can be used to launch Control panel, Internet Explorer and User Account Settings. The date and time widget displays the current time, day and date. Whereas, the  Webby widget , provides some quick access links to some technology blogs which the developer has added. Clicking on any of the widget icons, launches the respective function or application.


The only down side of Pulmon is that the widgets are not customizable and only the User Account Settings widget provides one option to change the display image inside the widget. This can be done by selecting Options after right-clicking on it.

Get Windows 8 Style Metro Widgets For Windows 7 With Pulmon - Windows Live Write_2011-07-22_23-22-06

Pulmon works only on Windows 7.

Download Pulmon