Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp Quickly Defragments & Optimizes Your Hard Drive

It is a common problem that hard disks suffer from accumulated cluttered and fragmentation over a period of time. The default Windows defragmentation tool can take up a lot of time to perform defragmentation and often leads to high CPU usage during the process without any option to impose checks and balances. A solution to this problem is Disk SpeedUp which is another wonderful free tool by Glarysoft. It is an extremely fast disk analysis, defragmentation and optimization tool. You can schedule defragmentation and optimization according to idle time and CPU usage. This means that the system will be optimized and defragmented during idle time and will automatically halt if the CPU or disk usage exceeds a specified limit. Moreover, you can quickly defragment a single or multiple drives simultaneously. A chart of the hard disk displays an analysis of the used and free space to provide an overview of the disk usage. Its simple GUI interface provides easy options to defragment and optimize system drives in a flash.

Just select a drive(s) (e.g. C,D,E) and choose an option from the drop down menu. You can analyze the disk (for defragmentation), use the Defrag option to quickly defragment it and choose Optimize for disk optimization.


The defragmentation process takes less time than the default Windows defragmentation and optimization takes merely a few seconds. The pie chart at the bottom indicates the available and used space and updates automatically after defragmentation.


The Auto Defrag tab provides the choice of automatically defragmenting system drives according to a pre-defined idle time. Foe example, you can choose to automatically defragment the system after it has been idle for 10 minutes. Similarly, you can set a CPU and disk usage limit (e.g. 50%) to avoid system crashes or straining the CPU. Auto defragmentation can be scheduled for a single or multiple drives simultaneously.


You can schedule defragmentation from the Schedule tab and set how frequently the process should take place e.g daily, weekly, monthly,etc. The schedule can either include mere defragmentation or both defragmentation and optimization. These settings can be defined for a single or multiple drives, along with a time for the process to initiate.


Disk SpeedUp works on

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

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