Complete Guide To Windows 8 PC Settings [Metro Control Panel]

A lot of regular Windows features have been altered for the Windows 8 Metro UI. While these features can be accessed and viewed in the same manner as users did in Windows 7, the Metro UI has also provided an alternative view for them. Some examples include, Internet Explorer 10  and the Windows Control Panel. While you can access and use the Windows Control Panel in desktop mode, you can also configure system settings in a more tablet oriented mode, known as PC Settings, in Windows 8. The Windows 8 PC Settings is basically a Metro based control panel that provides a number of handy configuration features for your Windows 8 operating system. Moreover, it also enables configuring some Metro options that are not configurable from the classic Control Panel. Below is a complete guide to Windows 8 PC Settings.

How To Access Windows 8 PC Settings

You can access Windows 8 PC Setting in the following ways:

Method 1

  1. Step 1: Hit the Win + C key or hover your mouse at the top-right side of the status bar to bring about the Charms Bar, to access PC Settings. Alternatively, you can swipe your fingers to perform the task, (if you are using touchscreen).
  2. Step 2: Now, Hit Settings on the charms bar.
  3. Step 3: Click the ‘More PC settings’ link at the end.

More Settings

Method 2:

Perhaps the easiest way of accessing the Windows 8 PC Settings is to click on your user account image in the Metro UI and select Change Account Picture.

Change Account Picture

Windows 8 PC Settings Overview

Change Windows 8 Account Picture

When you click “Change Account Picture” in methods two, you will be taken to the account picture section. From here, you can select an image for your Windows 8 account. You can either select an image from your local or connected external drive via Browse or click Webcam option to take a snap from your webcam and set it as your account picture.

Account Picture

Change Windows 8 Start Screen And Metro UI Color

The Start Screen option next to Account Picture, enables users to select a color for the  Metro Start Screen and the Metro user interface overall. To change the color, simply drag the slider at the bottom to a desired color. The available colors include green, grey, blue, violet, indigo, maroon, brown and green.

Change Metro Color

Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Image

You can change the Windows 8 Lock Screen image from the adjacent option. You can either choose a default image or click Browse to select a custom image. From here, you can also select a Lock Screen App to run in the background.

Windows 8 Lock Screen

Add, Manage And Switch Windows 8 User Account Type

From the Users section in Windows 8 PC Settings, you can add a new user, change user account password, create a picture password, create a pin and switch between a Windows 8 local user account and a Windows Live (Hotmail) user account. If you would like to know how to create and switch to or from a Hotmail account for Windows 8, then check out my posts:

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2. Switch To Microsoft Account And Access SkyDrive App In Windows 8

Windows 8 User Accounts

Windows 8 Notification Settings

From the Notifications section you can turn notifications on/off for applications. Turn an application notification on or off, move the slider next to the apps name.


Windows 8 Search And Share Options

From the Search section in Windows 8 PC Settings, you can delete history and configure applications that are to be used for Windows 8 search. Similarly, you can configure application sharing settings via Share.


Windows 8 General Settings

The Windows 8 General Settings provide users the options for setting the time and date format, enabling Auto Spell Checking, and configuring Windows 8 PC Refresh and Reset.

Windows 8 general Settings

Windows 8 Privacy Settings

A great feature in PC Settings is the Privacy Settings section, which allows you to turn on/off the apps that are sending information on your behalf. This can help protect one’s privacy by disabling unwanted information sharing with applications.

Windows 8 Privacy Settings

Windows 8 Add Devices

You can add devices from the Devices section. This can be helpful for detecting attached devices to your PC or tablet.

Windows 8 Devices

Windows 8 Ease Of Access

As is obvious from the name, the Ease Of Access section provides management settings for Windows 8 Ease Of Access.

Ease of Access

Sync Windows 8 Settings

If you are looking to synchronize your Windows 8 settings, then this is the section to use.  This is the place where you can enable PC Settings synchronization and the features that you wish to sync.

Windows 8 Sync settings

Windows 8 Home Group Sharing

From here you can decide what folders do you wish to share with your Home Group. This includes your Windows 8 Libraries and Devices. The options include, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Printers and Devices, as well as other media devices, such as TVs and Game Consoles.

Windows 8 Home Group

Windows Update

From here, you can check and install the latest Windows Updates for your Windows 8 operating system.

Windows Update

If you would like to see a video walk through for Windows 8 PC Settings, then check out the below video. This video is also available on the WML Cloud YouTube Channel.

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