How to Activate Windows Offline & Extract Windows Key

Windows 7 has a limit to the number of times you can enter a key for activating Windows. If you run out of the minimum limit, you will have to call Microsoft support for help.

You can avoid this problem by using 7Token Manager which allows backing up Windows Key, certificates and tokens, which can be later restored from the created backup to avoid using up your minimum limit. This way Windows gets activated offline and does not require an online activation. You can also extract Windows key with this tool.

To backup Windows key, certificates and tokens, launch this portable tool and click Backup.

7Tokens Manager by Josh Cell

The information will be saved in a folder named “Backup”, which will be located with 7Token Manager setup folder. You can use this backup information to restore your activation key offline after a re-installation, as well as restore certificates and tokens. To view your serial key, go to the Backup folder and open the text pad with the name of “Serial”.

Backup Folder

To restore the key, put the backup folder in the same folder as the 7Token Manger .EXE file and select Restore after launching 7Token Manager.


7Token Manager works only on Windows 7

Download 7Token Manager

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