How To Auto Hide, Remove Or Restore Windows 7 Command Bar

Windows Explorer Command Bar provides access to many handy utilities such as the Windows default DVD burner, Folder and Search options (via Organize), New Folder creation shortcut, etc. However, there is no option in Windows to auto hide or remove the command bar to get more viewing space (unlike the taskbar). Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker is a portable application which can auto-hide or completely remove the Windows Explorer Command Bar in Windows 7. Auto-hiding or removing the Command Bar can help free up space within Windows Explorer for better visibility of items. The first option within this application provides a similar functionality to the taskbar auto hide feature which helps get more viewing space and only displays the taskbar at mouse hover.  On the contrary, the second option can help you completely get rid of the command bar. Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker allows you to restore default options anytime, in a single click.

With Command Bar

Once Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker is launched, select Auto Hide Command Bar button to enable auto-hide functionality for the Command Bar or click Permanently Hide Command Bar button to remove it completely. In case you would like to revert the changes , click Restore Defaults.

Remove Command Bar

The below image demonstrates the clean Windows Explorer look after the removal of the command bar. Obviously you can also set it to auto hide.

No Command Bar

Important Note: Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker only works with the normal Windows 7 “Aero Themes” and is not compatible with third party and Windows Basic theme.

Download Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker