How To Change Search And Folder Options In Windows 8

The Search And Folder options in a Windows operating system all configuration features such as revealing hidden files and folders, changing mouse click attributes and indexing settings, managing display options for numerous items and more.

To change search and folder options in Windows 8, go to Windows Explorer –> View and select Change Folder and Search Options.

Change Folder And Search options

In the new window that pops-up you will be able to perform a number of changes in each available tab. For example, you can use the General tab to open folders in the same/its own window, switch between single or double mouse click (to open items), display favorites and folders, as well as expand current folders in Windows Explorer.


Similarly, the View tab provides options to display/hide menus, icons, full path in the title bar, hidden files and folders, protected operating system files and empty drives. From here, you can also select options to launch folders in a separate window, restore folders at Windows logon, as well as show driver letters, encrypted or compressed NTFS files, pop-up description of folders and the status bar.


The Search tab allows displaying partial matches and disabling the index when searching in file folders for system files. You can also set the following options for searching non-indexed locations:

  • Include/exclude system directories.
  • Include/exclude compressed files (e.g. ZIP and CAB files).
  • Always search file names and content (may increase search time).


You can also check out the below video to see the process of settings folder and search options in Windows 8. This video is also available on the WML Cloud YouTube Channel.