How To Change Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Size

The Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail preview is quite a handy feature which displays the content of the active windows. As is the case with any operating system feature, people like to tweak different OS features to make them according to their desired outlook. If you wish to tweak the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail live preview settings then you should use Aero WinShark. It is a portable tool for Windows 7 that allows you to customize the size of the taskbar preview thumbnail, add margins to adjust thumbnail position, and define a time delay for taskbar preview display.


Once launched, you can control numerous aspects of Windows 7 taskbar, including the selection of Minimum and Maximum thumbnail size sliders. This can be used to define both the minimum and maximum size of your preview thumbnails. Other options allow you to adjust thumbnail margin sliders such as, the top, bottom, left and right margin (for adjusting the thumbnail preview position). Furthermore, you can select an Aero display time (on mouse hover) and change the width of the taskbar items. To enable or disable the Windows 7 live preview, use the right-hand side buttons (see below image).

Aero WinShark

The screenshots given below display the different sizes that you can acquire for the taskbar preview thumbnails. Reverting these changes is also easy as you can simply click on Restore Default from Aero WinShark interface to get back the default thumbnail preview settings for your Windows 7 desktop. Additionally, the image given above (first screenshot above), displays a large thumbnail preview which can be useful for people with eye-sight problems.


Aero WinShark works on Windows 7. It has not been tested on the recent versions of Windows 8, however it might work on it, since the Windows 7 and Window 8 (classic) desktop has similar functionality. If you have tested this application on Windows 8, then do share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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