How To Change Windows 8 Metro Start Screen And Lock Screen Color

When the Windows 8 Developers Preview was launched, many users feared getting stuck with the dull green color. Thankfully, Microsoft has provided a remedy for that. At a glance the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen does not seem very attractive and it even appears as if Microsoft missed their touch this time. However, a deeper look at user options reveals the hidden customization features which enable users to change the look of the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen color. Let’s take a look at this simple process that can help you make your Windows 8 Start Screen attractive, without the need for any third-party tools.

To get started, click the User image from the Windows 8 Metro UI and select Change Account Picture.

Lock screen

Once done, click Start Screen and move the bottom slider to a color of your choice. For example, moving the slider to the dark blue color will change the Metro Start Screen, Lock Screen and associated interface color to dark blue. There are a number of attractive colors to choose from including, move, pink, red, brown, green and others.

Change start screen color

The below screenshot is an example of how the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen looks after the color was changed.

Change Desktop icons

Similarly, here is the lock screen with the new color.

Lock Screen

If you would like to change the Metro Lock Screen Image, then simply select the Lock Screen option from Personalize. This will allow you to select a personalized image for the Windows 8 Lock Screen. As expected, some images are given by default, however, you can also select a custom image via Browse.

Windows 8 Lock Screen Image