How To Convert EPUB to Kindle Fire Format

EPUB to MOBI is a fee software for quickly converting ePub files to MOBI (Electronic Publication) format for viewing them on a Kindle device. The MOBI e-book format was initially used by MobiPocket Reader, before Amazon acquired it and used it for it’s Kindle devices. The problem with Kindle is that it only supports the MOBI e-book format. This is because MOBI has the ability to digitally protect the ebooks (DRM). This quality is greatly lacked by EPUB format.

EPUB to MOBI provides a simple method for converting .epub files to .mobi format. While there are currently many software which can perform this task, (e.g. Amazon’s kindlegen), however, the command line of such applications is difficuilt to grasp for non-professionals and novice users. EPUB to MOBI is based on kindlegen and can help the common user convert ePub files in a snap.

To convert epub files, select file(s) or folder(s) using the File drop down menu options (e.g. File -> Add Files).


Once done, select File –> Convert. This open a window asking you to select an output folder, select the folder to begin the conversion process.


Once all files are converted , a pop-up message will inform you of the successful conversion. Normally the conversion process only takes a few seconds depending upon the number of files in the conversion queue.


You can transfer and view the converted files to your Kindle device (including Kindle Fire). During testing the files worked flawlessly on a Kindle Fire device.


EPUB to MOBI works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download EPUB to MOBI