How To Disable Full Row Select, Enable Column Headers & Icon Reordering [Windows]

Folder Options X is an Windows Explorer add-on which allows adding and removing some Windows Explorer features for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It allows adding headers to Windows Explorer (to help users easily identify the name, type, modification date, etc of files and folders), enabling icon reordering and disabling of full row selection. Using Folder Options X is easy, as all you need to do is to launch the application and check the relevant check boxes to apply the desired features. Once done, log out and login back again for the changes to completely take effect.

Folder Options X

Explanation of Features:

Disable Full Row Select: Many users may find this feature to be of immense convenience as when one drags a file onto an open folder, it can get launched as a program or get copied into a sub folder due to full row selection. Disabling full row select resolves this problem.

Add Column Headers in all views: This adds file and folder information to Window headers. this information is normally obtained from Windows right-click  menu. The available information includes, file and folder name, date, type, size, etc.

Enable Icon Reordering: This ensures that icons are not reordered and your icon display settings remain intact.

Folder Options X works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Folder Options X