How To Enable Windows 8 Snap On Low Resolution Desktops

The Windows 8 Snap feature works pretty much like the Aero Snap in Windows 7 and can be used to drag windows towards the right hand side of the desktop. Unfortunately, Windows 8 has a limitation for using this feature, i.e. the Windows 8 Snap feature does not work on low resolution displays. In this post I will provide you with two simple methods for easily enabling the Windows 8 Snap on low resolution computers. To achieve this feat, you can either perform a registry hack or use a third-part application, known as the Windows 8 Snap Enabler.

Method 1

To enable the Windows 8 Snap feature by using a registry hack, hit Windows+R (Win+R) hotkey from your keyboard, to open the Run dialog box and enter regedit.

Reg edit

Now, head over to the following path in your Windows 8 registry and make the following changes:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\AppPositioner]

Enable (2)

If the value does not exist, right-click on ImmersiveShell and create a new key with the name, AppPositioner. Now, create a new dword value and change it to 1.

Windows 8 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_2011-09-21_17-02-03

 Method 2

This is obviously the easier method and is well suited for all kind sof users, especially the novice users. Just download the Windows 8 Snap Enabler application, to apply the above mentioned values automatically. To do so, launch the portable Windows 8 Snap Enabler application and click on the Enable Windows 8 Snap Feature button.


This will to enable Windows 8 Snapping on low resolution desktops. When you snap a window from the Metro Start Screen in windows 8, you are provided with two options, i.e. Snap desktop or Snap “application name”. Select Snap application name option.

Windows 8 Snap

The below image is an example of the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen application snap.

Snap Weather

Download Windows 8 Snap Enabler