How To Encrypt NotePad++ Text Files With SecurePad Plugin

Notepad++ is an advanced text editor for programmers which supports many programming languages and can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. It is basically a source code editor and Notepad replacement which runs in the MS Windows environment. Notepad++ is based on the editing component known as Scintilla and is written in C++ . Notepad++ uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size.

SecurePad is a NotePad++ plugin which encrypts text documents with a user defined password to protect it from hackers, spyware and other malware agents. Since data saved in the form of common text files can easily be accessed on shared computers or by malicious agents. Whereas, encrypting and password protecting the text files using SecurePad can help add an extra layer of security for your files. This can help programmers save their hard work from prying eyes, malware and other users which may use the same computer (for example at office).


SecurePad can either be installed the DLL file (download link at the end of this post) or but using the built in Plugins Manager in Notepad++.  To install this plugin, go to Notepad++ Plugins –> Plugin Manager –> Show Plugin Manager.

Plugins Manager

In Plugin Manager, select SecurePad from the list and click Install to add this plugin to Notepad++.


Once installed, you can encrypt or decrypt the whole document or a selected part by highlighting it. To encrypt a selected portion or the complete text file, go to the Plugins drop down menu from the top and select SecurePad –> Encrypt Document or Encrypt Selected Text (from SecurePad menu).


This will prompt you to enter a password key to protect your document. Make sure the pass key is easy to remember to avoid loosing access to the encrypted text file.


The encrypted document or text area will appear in an unreadable form when opened directly, unless the data is decrypted. To decrypt the file or the selected text area go back to the Plugins drop down menu from the top of Notepad++ and select SecurePad –> Decrypt Document or Dencrypt Selected Text.

CProgram Files (x86)Notepad  change

Alternative Method to Install SecurePad:

Alternatively, you can use another method to install this plugin (although the abovementioned method seems more convenient). To directly use the DLL file put SecurePad DLL file in  plugins folder within your Notepad++ installation.

SecurePad works where  NotePad++ does i.e.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Dowload Notepad++

Download SecurePad Plugin