How To Find Out Hard Disk CPU & Motherboard Temperature, As Well As Serial Numbers

In a previous post I explained How to Find Out Your RAM Slots and other system specifications without opening your PC. In this post I will explain the utility of Speccy, it is an advanced system information and monitoring tool which provides detailed hardware information including the temperature of your CPU,Hard Disk andMotherboard, component’s manufacturer name, model, etc. This portable software is quite useful for monitoring system temperature and to determine the causes of over heating.

Computers can often over heat due to inadequate out flow of heat or fault parts and lead to crashes or hibernation due to thermal heating. Speccy allows easily identifying such issues and locating important serial numbers without opening the PC. It has been created by Pirform, which is also the developer for CCleaner.

Just launch Speccy and easily view the detailed information about your systems components. The summary tab displays the temperature of CPU, Hard Disk and Motherboard, along with specifications of attached devices (e.g. DVD Drive Drive type).

Piriform Speccy

You can click on other tabs to view serial numbers, models, manufacturers name and other details regarding the attached devices. For example, the Operating System tab shows specifications of your operating system, whereas, the CPU tab shows CPU related information.


Similarly, you can identify system peripherals, Audio, Optical Drive, RAM, Motherboard, Graphic Card and Network Card information including the most minor details. This enables easy monitoring and identification of system parts, serial numbers, system temperature and remaining slots for enhancements (such as available and used RAM slots).


Speccy is available both in portable form and with an installer package. It Works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008

Download Speccy