How To Get Back Classic Start Menu In Windows 8

For some odd reason Windows 8 does not come with a Start Orb. This means that users are stranded with the Metro UI, which many have found quite annoying to use on a desktop computer. If you want to avoid the Windows 8 Metro UI, and get back the good old start orb, then you need ViStart. Originally developed for Windows 7 , this application brings back the Windows 7 style start menu to Windows 8 in a flash. What’s best is that you don’t even need to restart your computer. However, it does have some issues as it makes it hard to access the Metro Start Screen. Read on below for more details.

When you start the application you will get a Windows 8 Smart Screen warning message, just click More and select “Run Anyway” to proceed further. Once installed, the application will instantly provide you with the Classic Start Menu.

Start menu

You will also be able to access some start menu options from the system tray by clicking on the ViStart icon. This is quite convenient as many of you who have used Windows 8 by now would know how difficult it has become to perform simple system Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate, and Stand By tasks.

Application Issues:

It must be added that although this application does bring back the Windows 7 style classic start menu, it does have a few issues. First of all you will no longer be able to access the Metro Start Screen from the Windows key, secondly, the Windows +Print screen hotkey will no longer work, (which is used for taking screenshots in Windows 8). Furthermore, this application installs a registry scanning software, (unless you choose “Decline” during the installation process). However, you can uninstall the software anytime, even if you accidentally install it.

To Revert the changes:

Just uninstall Vistart and your Windows 8 operating system will go back to the way it was. You can also exit the application from the system tray menu to close the classic start menu and to enable all features that are disabled when ViStart is functional, (such as the Win key for accessing the Metro UI).

System Tray

Note: It must be noted that this application does not disable the Metro Start Screen but rather makes it difficult to access it by forcing the Win key to only open the classic start menu. If you would like to access the Metro Start Screen anytime, you can use the Charms Bar.

Start Screen

For a walk-through of this application, check out the below video. Like all our videos, you can also see this video, (and other WML CLoud tutorials), at our WML Cloud YouTube Channel.

If you would like to give this application a try, then you can download it from the download link given below.

Download ViStart