How To Increase Download Speed In Chrome & Internet Explorer, FileServe Manager

FileServe Manager is a free download manager which integrates with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to  provide accelerated download speed. You can also add individual URLs separately to download or select FileServe option by right clicking on a download link. It even resumes broken downloads which eliminates the need to restart a download from scratch.

It automatically integrates with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome at installation and can be used for downloading item from right-click menu.


You can also add a URL to download a file from the Add button on the main interface.


Downloads are automatically sorted by categories according to file type. The available categories include Picture, video, Software, Music, Archive and Others. Downloads can also be stopped, removed, restarted, etc from the buttons on the top of the main interface in Downloads tab.

FileServe Manager

System tray pop-up window informs you when a download is completed.

System tray

You can right-click on the system tray icon to access options and perform downloading tasks.


You can set download limits, set auto hibernate and auto shutdown after downloads complete, enable or disable Chrome & Internet Explorer integration, schedule downloads according to date, time and day and much more from Options.


Large files can also be uploaded using the Account tab and accesed or shared on the cloud via a given URL for the uploaded file.

FileServe Manager works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download FileServe Manager