How To Install Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 Classic Desktop

While the Windows Store is filling up with new and interesting apps every day, searching application across the store can be a nuisance. At the moment there does not appear to be any search functionality in the Windows Store and even if it is added later on the chances are that we will see a lot of issues in searching for apps. This issue is sometimes even be faced by Android users who find it hard to search for certain apps with common names in Google Play. Many a times users find applications after seeing reviews on blogs and the links given for downloading the app can be more convenient than the search functionality of an app store.

If you have recently come across a nice app that you can’t find across the Windows Store, then here is a neat trick to help you install such applications from the Windows 8 classic desktop. In such a case all you would need is the URL of the Windows Store app, which can be easily found via search engines or a blog.

Step 1: Find the URL for the Windows Store app (e.g. via Google) and click on the download link.

Download Windows 8 App

Step 2: This will take you to the Windows Store where you will get the following option, “View in Windows Store” .

Step 3: Simply click on this option to install the application. The app will open up directly in the Windows 8 Metro UI (within the Windows Store).

Install App From Windows Store

For more details, see the video given below. How To Install Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 Classic Desktop