How To Partially Or Completely Disable Windows 8 Metro UI

Post Update: This tool was designed for the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview and does not work with newer versions. You can use these alternative tools instead, which are working fine with the latest version of Windows 8.

Metro Controller is a portable software which allows to partially or completely disabling the Metro UI. This might be useful for users who may not wish to use the Metro interface. Its is easy to use and allows disabling either the complete Metro user Interface or only the partial features of Metro UI. You can find complete instructions regarding the use of this tool, followed by the download link given at the end of this post.

Once you launch Metro Controller EXE file, you might receive a prompt to install .Net framework 3.5 (if it is not installed on your computer). Just go ahead and install .Net Framework 3.5 to proceed (if required). Once installed, launch the Metro Controller EXE file again and select “Disable all new features” (if you wish to disable complete Metro User Interface features) or “Disable Only Metro Interface” option (which will remove everything among the Metro features except the the Ribbon based Windows Explorer).

Disable Metro UI[2]

Once you select one of the above mentioned options, the system will automatically restart to apply the changes.


Now you can use Windows 8 without the Metro based user interface.

Metro Disabled

To enable Metro UI features again, launch Metro Controller EXE file once more and select enable.

Enable Metro Ui features

For a video demonstration of this application, check out the below video. This video is available at the official WML Cloud YouTube Channel:

Download Metro Controller