How To Switch To Classic Control Panel In Windows 8

Windows 8 has come with a lot of annoying features one of which is the issue of finding the classic interface. The Control Panel is no doubt the brain of the Windows operating system as it contains all the essential features. While the Metro Control Panel contains options for the Metro UI based applications, it does not have the rest of the important Windows options. In order to access all Control Panel options one requires switching to the  Classic Control Panel view. In this post I will tell you how to switch to the Classic Control Panel view.


Hit Windows + C or hover your mouse to the top-right corner to bring forth the Charms Bar. Once done, type and select Computer (as shown below).


Now, click on Control Panel from the Ribbon UI or the left sidebar.


This will open the Classic Control Panel from where you can make the necessary changes to your PC settings, just like you would in Windows 7.


If you would like to get rid of the Metro UI to view all Windows 8 features in the Windows 7 like user interface then you can use any of the following applications: Pokki, ViStart, StartMenu8 and Start Charming. While we earlier covered a few apps for shutting down the Modern UI, however the aforementioned are compatible with the latest Windows 8 final build, unlike other apps that were developed for the initial releases, such as the Developer’s Preview and Cosnumer’s preview editions of Windows 8.