How To Update Windows 8 Metro Apps

With the introduction of the Windows 8 Modern UI, there has also been the release of a number of Microsoft and third-party Modern Apps (Metro Apps). While many Windows 8 users regularly use these applications, they might not be aware of the fact that these applications periodically receive updates that can be installed to benefit from newer versions. Let’s take a look at the process involved in updating these Metro apps.

In the first step you will require opening the Windows Store. It is worth pointing out that you can keep an eye on the number of available updates from the number that is displayed on the Windows Store icon within the Metro Start Screen. For example, the below image displays the number 16 on the icon, which means that there are 16 updates available.

Windows Store

Once Windows Store is launched, click on the “Updates” option from the top right corner of the interface, This option is a notification regarding the available updates for your Modern apps. In case you are installing a Modern app during this process, the name of the application will be displayed next to the available update number.

Update Modern Apps

In the next step, simply select the applications that you wish to update and click Install. this will update the selected Metro Apps on your Windows 8 system. It must be noted that new updates may use up more disk space, which can be a problem if you have less available space on your Windows 8 system, e.g. a Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Install Updates

You can also see the above mentioned process from the video tutorial given below. This video is also available at the WML Cloud YouTube Channel, which contains many Windows 8 Guides. How To Install Updates For Windows 8 Metro Apps