How To Use New Skype Facebook Features (Complete Guide)

In the wake of the latest Skype release, I am providing a complete guide regarding the use of all new Facebook integration options. One of the major additions in Skype 5.5 includes a new Facebook tab, which provides easy access to your Facebook feeds, provides status updates, allows adding comments, and chatting with your Facebook contacts. You can also call your Facebook friends from Skype if he/she has added a phone number to a Facebook profile. See below instructions for more details.


  • Login To Get Started

To begin, you will require logging in with your Facebook account and allowing the Skype application to access your Facebook profile. You can do this from the Facebook tab in Skype which provides access to all Facebook integration features.


  • Facebook Feed Options

The Facebook tab contains your Facebook feed which expands into side by side stacks, as the Skype window is expanded. Interestingly, the more you expand the Skype window, the more horizontal feed blocks appear.


You can set your status message, comment on friend’s activity from the news feed and get notifications for new feeds.


To log out from your Facebook account anytime, click on disconnect optionbelow your Status box.


  • Call Facebook Contacts From Skype

Now you can call your Facebook friends directly from Skype. To do that, hover your mouse over a friend’s name and select the Call Phone button. This will display your friends phone number which he/she has added to the Facebook profile. You can click on the number to call your friend via Skype.

Call Phones

  • Facebook Chat integration

Now you can use Skype to chat with Facebook contacts. This provides the utility to chat with both Skype and Facebook contacts at the same time, without having to visit Facebook website.


Skype has improved Facebook chat by adding system tray notification, which alerts you when one of your Facebook contact is online. These notifications also appear when you log into Facebook chat via Skype.

System Tray

  • Compact And Default Window View

For better identification of your Facebook feeds and chats, you can switch between the Compact and Default view by clicking on the button highlighted in red in the below screenshot. The default view separates the chat window and the Facebook feed, whereas, clicking on the same button enables you to combine the separated windows (known as Compact View).

Side By Side

So if you want these great features, then download the new Skype from the download link given below.

Download Skype