HTC Home Brings Amazing New Skins & Features

Since long the HTC Home clock and weather widget has brought the HTC style to Windows. Now an updated version of HTC has been launched with additional features and new styles to make your desktop more visually appealing than ever before. Its new features include the option to set non-system time for clock widget, the ability to  launch multiple widgets separately in different styles on the desktop and a rich set of new skins.


You will be prompted to set the location for the widget when it is launched for the first time. Choose Options from the right-click menu to set your location and configure widget features.


The General tab now provides the option  to set a non-system time by specifying a time zone. Another new feature is the size slider which allows managing the widget size to suite your needs. This is a replacement to the formerly used drop down menu which provided size options.

HTC Home Options

To enter a location, head over to the Weather tab and enter the name of your city. This is a replacement of the Location tab and now contains additional feature management options like the enabling of high and low temperature view, weather animation, etc. You can also use the Weather Refresh Interval slider at the bottom to adjust the time after which the widget should fetch new weather updates.


The Styles tab is another addition to HTC widget which contains multiple new styles. You can launch multiple instances of the widget with different styles with both analogue and digital display clocks. Once done with the settings, you can get the new and enhanced HTC style for your desktop.


It works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

(provided you have .Net Framework 4).

According to the developer, it may also work with other Windows versions such as Windows XP, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Download HTC 3 Beta