Integrate Any Website To Download Audio, Video & Torrent Files With Noow

Noow is a free software which is an HD media player, a torrent downloader, podcast client, website browser, video converter and multimedia file organizer. It works similar to Miro Internet TV, but provides much better options which enable seamless integration of YouTube, MegaVideo, Vimeo, Hulu, YouTorrent and other websites.

You can integrate any web service which offers audio, video or torrent downloading to Noow interface. For example, you can integrate Megavideo or PiratesBay by simply adding their URL in Noow. This will allow you to download audio, videos or Torrent files using Noow. See below instructions to learn about Noow usage.


File Management Capability

You can save files from your audio and video collection by going to File –> Import. These files can be added to the Music and Video section.


Integrate Any Website To Noow

Noow comes with some pre-integrated sources including YouTube, Hulu, YouTorrent and ClearBits. You can add more websites by heading over to Sources section and entering a websites URL such as Vimeo, Iso Hunt, MegaVideo and the like. The only requirement for website integration is that it should support audio, video or Torrent downloading capability.


Download Video And Audio Content

Once a website is added as a Source, you can browse through it and download content. When a video or audio track is streamed, you are provided with a download button to to save the audio/video.


Download Torrent Files

Similarly, you can download a Torrent files by adding Torrent websites to Noow sources.


All files downloaded files can be viewed and accessed from Downloads section.


Convert Files To Mobile Formats

Noow can also convert audio and video files to mobile formats and provides presets for devices including, iPad, iPhone, iPodBehold II, Cliq/DEXT, G2, Epic, galaxy tab, Hero, Magic, Nexus, etc.


Podcast Options

Noow comes with a number of podcast feeds, including TED, This American and VODOD. You can add new podcasts from Sidebar menu from top of the Noow interface. The section located below podcasts allows creating custom playlists.

Feature Control

Another good feature of Noow is that it provides options to restrict bandwidth and control podcast, disk space, playback and other settings.


Noow is a comprehensive program which can perform all requirements of a true media player, with additional functionality. I would be interested in seeing some kind of Live TV and Xbox integration with Noow, so that it may become a viable alternative to Windows Media Center.

Note: It’s worth mentioning here that Noow is ad-supported, as it offers to change the browsers homepage and default search engine. You can perform a custom install to avoid installing these components. Noow works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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