JetClean Cleans Clutter, Boosts PC Performance & Internet Connection

There are many system  cleanup utilities that are considered to be a comprehensive solution for cleaning clutter from numerous temporary directories. One such example is the widely used CCleaner application. However, many users are unaware of the fact that it in fact fails to remove clutter from many directories (including the log files from the Windows system directory and even the Temp folder (located within user profiles). Furthermore, junk file removal applications seldom come up with comprehensive extra features for complete system management.

Previously I wrote a complete guide to help users to “Free Hard Disk Space By Removing Hidden Clutter”. Recently, I came across a very useful application, which can efficiently perform many system optimization and junk file removal tasks.

JetClean is a system optimization and cleanup utility, which provides many comprehensive tune up options for enhancing system performance. Some of it’s main features are as follows:

  • It can clean junk files
  • Purge system registry
  • Erase user history traces,
  • Remove broken shortcuts
  • Clean system RAM
  • Uninstall unwanted programs
  • Optimize system start up
  • Defragment the system registry
  • Boost internet performance for maximum speed utilization

JetClean is available with a Windows installer package, with the additional option to create a portable version (once JettClean is installed) which can even be run from a USB drive.

1-Click Optimization And Junk File Removal

The 1-Click tab provides users with a single click solution to get rid of junk files, to purge system registry, application (history) traces, broken shortcuts and to clean system RAM. You can select items to clean from numerous sub-menus and click Scan Now to see the amount of clutter you can clean. To purge your system (after selecting required items from Registry Clean, Windows Clean, Apps Clean, Shortcuts Clean and RAM Clean menus), click Repair to start the cleaning process.



Likewise, the Tools tab provides menus, which provide system information for the installed operating system, processor, storage type, peripheral devices, graphic card and the like. This section also has a built-in uninstaller, which provides a convenient lists of each kind of installed programs in separate categories including, toolbars, recently installed items, large programs, Windows Updates and All programs. From here, you can easily identify troublesome application from within these categories and remove them from your system.


 Startup Optimization

The Startup Optimization section provides option to control which programs should start with system start up. You can disable programs to avoid slowing down system startup.

Startup optimization

Defragment Registry

JetClean cleanses system registry by two methods. The first allows cleaning unwanted registry entries, and the other includes defragmenting it. This method can be useful  for resolving registry issues more efficiently.

registry defrag

 Internet Boost

The Internet Booster section provides details about DNS (pre-fetching), as well as page loading performance, navigation error suggestion details, LAN request buffer, etc. You can scan and optimize your system performance by adjusting these settings in merely a single click, without having to require knowledge of configuring complex network settings.

Internet Boost

 How To Make JetClean Portable

In case you would like to make JetClean portable, go to the Portable section, select a folder to save the portable version and click Generate.


Instant Privacy Cleanup

You can configure other generic settings for JetClean including launching it with Windows start up, changing interface transparency and scheduling cleanup tasks from Settings tab. JetClean also comes with Windows right-click menu integration for quickly deleting files for general or privacy related reasons.

Clean privacy

JetClean has a mere 6 MB (approximately) memory consumption rate and therefore, is quite lightweight. JetClean works with the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download JetClean