Manage Files Easily In Metro UI With Metro Commander For Windows 8

Metro Commander is a Windows 8 Metro UI (Modern UI) based file manager. If you are wondering what might be the utility of this application, it is worth pointing out that the Windows Metro UI is not the easiest to use for performing normal file management functions. This is where a sleek and stylish app like Metro Commander can be of immense utility.

Benefits Of Using Metro Commander

The Windows 8 Modern UI has provided an alternative desktop environment which is quite different and raw as compared to the Windows Classic Desktop. It appears that Microsoft is trying to reform Windows on the footing of other mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. This is why Microsoft launched the Windows Store which provides various applications that enhance the functionality of its Modern UI. Metro Commander is one such application that makes it easier to perform basic functions such as “cut, copy, paste, move, view, rename delete, search and share”. These functions are usually not the easiest to perform within the Windows 8 Metro UI and a file manager such as Metro Commander is quite a welcome sign for people willing to fully adopt the Windows Metro UI.

Metro Commander

Convenient Navigation Buttons

Perhaps the biggest utility of Metro Commander can be experienced when one might require using Windows 8 on the fly. In such a scenario the user can avoid switching to the classic desktop to perform basic file manager functions. Metro Commander provides many handy buttons to navigate through the Metro UI (e.g. back, forward and root). Furthermore, you can also connect to Microsoft SkyDrive and work with files and folders more conveniently.

File Manager

Video And Image Previews

Other than its convenient navigation options, Metro Commander also provides video and image previews, as well as the option to create files and folders. Moreover, Metro Commander switches to the selected image or video to provide the user with a better view of the selected media file. This can be quite handy to better explore the image and can also be quite visually appealing (depending on the selected image or video).

Image Preview

Metro Commander works with both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 8 operating systems and can be downloaded from the Windows Store (link given below).

Download Metro Commander