Multibar: Windows Dock And Shortcut Organizer With Add-on Support

Previously I reviewed RocketDock, which is a Mac style dock for Windows users. Multibar is another Windows based Dock which provides a skinnable interface and allows users to organize their application shortcuts, files and folders.


It provides quick access to installed gadgets and shortcuts on your PC, along with other rich features such as integration of YouTube video search, Wikipedia and Google. Furthermore, Multibar provides a clutter free desktop by enabling users to organize their shortcuts on a customizable dock.

Multibar Shortcuts

Multibar auto-hides by default and only appears on mouse hover. This means that you get a clutter free desktop with the option to house several useful shortcuts on the Multibar dock. The functionality of Multibar can be enhanced further by installing a number of add-ons. Once installed, launch Multibar to acquire the overlaying sidebar dock. This dock comes with weather and search gadgets, as well as some default shortcuts for Windows Media Player, Firefox, My Computer, Shutdown, Restart, etc. You can add additional shortcuts to the dock by dragging and dropping icons to it or by using the Windows right-click menu. You change the dock’s skins from the available themes to give it a customized look.


Multibar is highly customizable and you can enable hotkey support, change dock position, transparency, skin, icon size and other appearance features. You can access the Settings menu from clicking the Cog icon from the top of the bar or via right-click menu.


Multibar works on the following Windows based operating systems:

Download Multibar