Optimize PDF & DJVU Files For Kindle & Mobile Devices With K2pdfopt

When it comes to optimizing PDF files for handheld devices such as Amazon’s Kindle Reader or a smartphone, the task isn’t very easy. This is due to the various adjustments required to make the document easily readable on 6 inch screens.

K2pdfopt (Kindle 2 PDF Optimizer) is a free software that optimizes PDF or DJVU files for hand held devices such as the Kindle Reader or a smartphone. It has been particularly designed for text-based files, containing graphical figures and a white background. The conversion process is performed using the Command Line Interface. K2pdfopt can be conveniently used with two-column or multi-column PDF/DJVU files such as IEEE.

To convert a document, drag it over the K2pdfopt.exe file. This will launch the command line interface.


Once the command line interface is launched, Press Enter to create a separate document with default settings. Alternatively, you can customize settings from the given options. For example, you can enter a given command to auto straighten the document, break pages, manage color output, detect columns, etc.


The original PDF or DJVU document is  preserved and a separate file is created within the same folder as the original file. The new file will have _k2opt added to it’s name, but the file extension (e.g. PDF) will remain the same. The output file is fully optimized for viewing on Kindle, mobile readers and other 6-inch screens. To convert files in batch, drag and drop a folder containing entire PDF or DJVU files onto the K2pdfopt.exe file.


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