Perform Hard Drive Management Tasks Easily, Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager

Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Home Edition simplifies disk management tasks such as the creating, deleting, formatting, resizing, shrinking and extending volumes (disk partitions). It combines many important disk management options within a single interface. Therefore, you no longer require locating each hard disk management feature from various Windows menus and sub-menus.

The main interface displays all attached volumes and available options (on the left side menu). All options displayed on the main interface are available in the free version, with the exception of the option to add, remove Raid drives or move volumes, which is only available in the paid versions i.e. Professional and Server edition.

Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Home Edition

Selecting a task from the left side menu (e.g. shrink volume), launches and easy to use wizard which guides you through the process. If you shrink a volume, you can extract free space and make it unallocated for creating a new partition. Likewise, existing volumes can be deleted, formatted or their label and drive letters can be changed from the given options. In basic/free version, you will only be able to create simple disk volume,  as other features such as the creation of spanned, stripped and mirrored volumes are used for RAID creation which is not available in the free version.

Shrink Volume

To get detailed information about a drive, right-click it and select Properties. The available information  extends the drive info you get in Windows native disk volume properties. Other than the common disk name, volume size, etc, it also shows cluster size, total sector and start sector.


The Professional and Server versions of Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager (which cost $39 and $169, respectively) provide additional features which includes adding and removing RAID drives, conversion of a dynamic disk to basic disk without losing data, moving volume slices and support for Windows server family, including Windows server 2003, 2008 R2, and Windows home/small business servers. Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Home Edition works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Home Edition