Pidgin Privacy Please Plugin Helps Block Spammers On Pidgin

Pidgin is a widely used multi-messenger for chatting across multiple messengers simultaneously and works on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Pidgin Privacy Please plugin is an open source plugin for Pidgin, which allows blocking messages from spammers, stops repeated authorization requests, spam bots, allows blocking messages according to specified expressions, and can be used to add auto reply messages for blocked users.

Pidgin Privacy Please plugin can be installed like any regular software.  Once it is installed,  you will require enabling this plugin from Tools  -> Plugins. After selecting the plugin, click on Configure Plugin button to configure settings.


The Auto Reply tab allows adding an message for blocked and unknown users.

Auto reply

The Messages tab can be used to block messages from people who are not on present your contact list and enables adding regular expressions from being blocked to stop spam messages.


Similarly, the Authorization tab provides the option to suppress repeated authorization requests, to block all authorization requests, and OSCAR requests from ICQ and AIM messengers. You can also bock hyperlink authorizations, automatically view user info for authorization and deny authorization requests which match a regular expression (such as expressions which may be used by bots or spammers).


The Bot Check tab can be used to verify users for authorization by asking a logical question. For example, you can enter the questions as “How much is 4+4” and set the answer at 8. Such questions can help protect you from automated bot messages.

Bot Check

Additionally, you can block Jabber headline messages, MSN alerts, AOL system messages and the like, as well as allow all messages on IRC from the Protocol Specific tab.

protocol Specific

Pidgin Privacy Plugin works only wit Windows version of Pidgin.

Download Pidgin Privacy Please