Pin Web Applications To Windows 7Taskbar With Pokki

Pokki is a free software built on the Chromium framework, which allows pinning web applications for instantly accessing and managing online accounts like Facebook, Twitter,Gmail, RSS Feeds and the like from Windows 7 taskbar. Pokki is also available for developers to build pinnable web apps using the Pokki platform. There are resources like the SDK available for this purpose.


To use Pokki, you will require downloading and installing Pokki based web applicationss from the developers website individually. Each app is installed like any common Windows program.


Once your desired applications are installed, you can manage your online accounts from pinned web apps on your taskbar, within a pop-up windows. For example, you can use the Tweeki to manage your Twitter account or use the Gmail app for fully managing your Gmail account. To view all installed Pokki apps (known as Pokkis), click on the Pokki icon (first icon on the left, as shown in the fist screenshot image).


If you are a developer, you can start building a Pokki, by downloading the Pokki SDK and checking out their developer’s guidelines available from the sign up page.


Post Update: Pokki now works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Windows 8 version also provides users the option to get a classic start menu for their desktop (which is not available by default in Windows ). For more details, see the review of Pokki for Windows 8.

Download Pokki