Pokki Brings Windows 7 Like Start Menu, Instagram And Angry Birds To Windows 8

Pokki is an innovative app which pins Windows and web applications to the taskbar. A while back I reviewed this application for Windows 7 when it was in its initial stage of development. Now, Pokki has also become available for Windows 8 with some very interesting features. With Pokki for Windows 8 you can not only add a Windows 7 style classic start menu to Windows 8 but also get apps for Instagram, Angry Birds, Facebook and the like.

Windows 7 Style Start Menu For Windows 8

To grab this handy app, simply head over to the link given at the end of the post and install your desired apps to pin them to the taskbar of your Windows 8 desktop. For instructions, see my review of Pokki.

Pokki For Windows 8

Classic Start Menu With Search Options

The classic start menu of Pokki borrows many attributes from the classic start menu, including the ability to search for files, folders and applications from a search box. To launch any item from within the start menu, simply click on it.

Search Options

Easy Way To Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Log Off And Lock Windows 8

One of the most inconvenient features of Win 8 has been its inability to provide an easy way to shutdown, restart, hibernate log off or lock the system. Perhaps this is why my video tutorial about shutting down Windows 8 has received thousands of video views. However, you can make the aforementioned tasks easier by installing the Pokki app to get the Windows 7 like classic start menu in Windows 8.

Easy way to Shutdown Windows 8

Install Apps For Facebook, Angry Birds And Instagram

As Pokki offers many pinnable apps for Windows 7 and 8, you can install famous mobile apps like Instagram and Angry Birds on your computer. These apps have formerly been only available on platforms like iOS and Android, however, Win 8 applications like Pokki are bridging this gap to make it more fun to use. Pokki also provides app suggestions for installing pinnable applications. Just click Install to add any app that you wish to add and pin to your taskbar.

Angry Birds on Windows 8

It is worth mentioning here that you might require logging in with an account for some apps. For example, the Instagram app requires users to login with an Instagram account. As you can see from the below image, Pokki brings all major features of Instagram to Windows 8, including images from categories like Feed, Popular and Nearby.

Instagram on Windows 8

For more details about installing this app and to see updates regarding new applications which might have been added to the Pokki collection, see the link given below.

Download Pokki