Prevent Programs For Altering Windows Startup Without Your Permission

StartupEye is a lightweight free software which works from the system tray to monitor programs which may attempt to modify the system startup settings without your permission. It instantly warns you if a program tries to write a registry entry to start with Windows startup without your permission. Furthermore, it enables scanning the software with VirusTotal so that you can verify if the program is not a virus, spyware or some other kind o malicious content.

StartupEye works from the system tray and continuously monitors startup programs. It is not a resource hogging application and consumes merely 3MB of RAM and has little or no CPU usage. When a program tries to alter the registry key (to start at system startup), you will be provided with the option to delete this entry and also given complete details of the software including its Windows registry path, date/ time of registry change, and system location (folder pth where the software is installed/being installed).

Startup Eye

If you click on Scan File button, the executable file of the program will be scanned using VirusTotal which can help identify programs containing malware. The file in question is immediately uploaded to VirusTotal via the internet for being scanned with multiple scanners.

Registry Changed - Added Program

This way, one can  avoid installing a registry entry which may grant system access to a Virus or other Malware. You can find out more about the VirusToTal web service from my post: Scan Any Software Or Website For Viruses With VirusTotal Web Service.


StartupEye works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008

Download StartupEye (Post Update: Application no longer available)