Problem : Backup Exec 12 – Job Failed with Error Code E0008488

Problem : Backup Exec 12 – Job Failed with Error Code E0008488

This is a fault I have seen on several server setups and we’re now getting desperate for an answer that works.

Windows Server 2003 Servers, up to date with patches, in a single domain on a flat IP network.
Backup Exec 12 (rev 1364) installed on server named Server1
Exchange 2007 (up to date) installed on server named ADMIN
Backup device is a multi-tape loader.

Backup Exec 12 is failing the backup jobs with the following errors:

Job ended: 30 September 2009 at 12:44:05
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0008488 – Access is denied.
Final error category: Security Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33928


In the error log it states:

Backup- \\ADMIN\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group V-79-57344-33928 – Access Denied. Cannot backup directory &Mailbox Database and its subdirectories.
Backup- \\ADMIN\Microsoft Information Store\Second Storage Group V-79-57344-33928 – Access Denied. Cannot backup directory &Public Folder Database and its subdirectories.


Key Information:

1. In Backup Exec GRT is enabled.  This is the apparent cause of the problem, but it needs to be enabled to allow individual mailbox recovery.  A backup job without GRT enabled works.

2. A backup job of just the mailbox stores will seem to be backing up all of the data, but then fail at the last moment with the above error.

The following actions have already been taken, with no success:

1. Recreating a brand new, unique, account for the backup services to run. There is at least one email in the inbox of the new account and it is not hidden from mailing lists.

2. Everything in the Symantec post: has been checked and rechecked and checked a third time.

3. Everything in the relevant posts under this page: have been done.

4. Everything in this post has also been checked:

Note: This link: has not helped at all.

We know that the problem is directly GRT related.  There are no disconnected mailboxes on the servers either.  There is either something wrong with permissioning for the backup exec account, despite having followed the instructions to the letter, or there is something wrong with Exchange 2007, or Backup Exec 12 just doesn’t work.

Can anyone please shed some light on what is wrong.  This isn’t an isolated incident, we have several sites with exactly the same problem, but every site has been set up by different people, who have checked and rechecked every bit of documentation we can find.

Solution : Backup Exec 12 – Job Failed with Error Code E0008488

OK, finally sorted it.

It was a mixture of several issues…a couple I had already addressed…the final two that both had to be done were:

1. The Agent that was installed from the Backup Exec server was an x86 version, despite the server being x64.  Removed and installed the x64 version manually.

2. Outlook 2007 was installed on the Exchange 2007 server.

I tried both of these individually on another site and it turned out I needed both to be done.

Thankyou for the assistance of everyone who contributed.  It was all useful stuff!