Problem : DFSR Replication Problem

Problem : DFSR Replication Problem

I am having problems setting up replication on a server.

they are already replicating with no problems. But i am trying to add another replication group. The member server makes a Dfsr Private folder and it is saying that it is waiting for the main server to continue.

But the main Server Says Error : 9007 (Unable to set root path) and doesn’t create the Dfsr folder and hence does not complete any replication.

I have other folders replicating, just these new ones wont work :(.

Can anyone help, there is nothing out there, i have looked extensively..

Solution : DFSR Replication Problem

Have you deleted any directories from FRS recently? If so, did you delete it on one machine and from DFS and let the FRS structure clean it out or did you go in and try to pull it off each machine manually?

If you tried to clean it all up manually and didn’t let FRS take care of it, this is likely the cause of your newly discovered problem – it’s also why all the old folders still work OK. The solution is pretty easy – recreate all the folders that you deleted on each server (you don’t need to put the data back, just the folders with the EXACT same structure and names) and let FRS delete them. The problem is that FRS is trying to perform the clean-up before starting replication to the new folders but it can’t find the stuff you’ve deleted by hand and is a bit confused so it doesn’t start replication until the issues are worked out.

While that article may fix most issues, you may have to perform the steps in the article and still put those folders back as I mentioned above. FRS is very posessive and gets confused easily – if you remove a replication set from DFS, let FRS handle the removal of the folders and don’t go deleting them until FRS is finished with its work.

Let me know if this doesn’t work, and if there are any additional errors in your event logs. You can also check the Replication Monitor (go to a command line and type: replmon) to see if you can get any other information. If you get a command not found, you’ll need to install the support tools for your OS. You can find these on the CD.