Protect Windows PC From External USB Device Threats With Antirun

Although auto run for USB devices is disabled by default in Windows 7, however, many viruses and malware can infect your PC when you plug in a device such as a pen drive, Android, iPhone, etc. Antirun is a free software which has been designed to protect your PC from threats which may occur from removable media devices such as External hard drives, digital cameras, smart phones and the like.

  • Antirun automatically scans devices which are plugged into your computer and informs you when a malware threat is detected.
  • These threats are identified by file attributes of external media devices (for example, if a virus may be trying to activate itself).
  • Once a virus is detected, Antirun provides the option to remove the identified threat.
  • All external USB devices are displayed in separate tabs which makes it easier to manage them.

Hence, Antirun is a comprehensive external device manager and malware protection software which can help you avoid hidden threats from portable devices plugged into your computer.

Before or after connecting a USB based device, launch Antirun to ensure that no malware is able able to infect your computer. From system tray menu, you can securely open the removable media device, get disk information and eject the removable device using Antirun. All external devices are listed in tabs whereas, the bottom of the dialog box displays disk space information. In case a virus is detected, you will get a prompt to remove the threat.


As mentioned earlier, Antirun makes it convenient to copy files and folders to external devices without having to risk opening the device and activating a malware agent. This can be done by dragging and dropping the file or folder on to the Antirun dialog box (as shown below).

Drag and Drop

Antirun works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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