RSSOwl Portable Is Free Desktop Feed Reader With Tabs & Browsing Options

RSSOwl Portable is an open source RSS feed reader which provides easy viewing of RSS feeds within convenient tabs. You can import feeds from an XML or OPML file to ensure that you don’t have to collect feeds from scratch. You can even open tabs for webpages from within feeds. Like any RSS reader, it allows adding, organizing, updating and storing information in the form of RSS feeds.

It comes with a number of built in subscriptions from many common categories like Business, Computers, Entertainment, News, podcasts, etc. Each feed category is further divided into sub-categories, e.g. the Entertainment category is sub divided into games, humor, sci-fi, books and the like.

RSS Feeds

You can import your feeds subscriptions from an OPML or XML file from File (drop down menu) –> Import. Just select a file and click OK to add the subscriptions.

Import Feeds

You can select the “Search For New Feeds” option and add new feeds to RSSOwl. Added feeds can be imported, exported, marked (as read, unread or favorite), reloaded and switched from the buttons on the top toolbar.Search for Newsfeeds

You can remove any feed, category or sub-category from right-click menu. The same menu allows you to mark favorites, add new feeds, copy webpage links and import or export feed(s).Context menu

RSSOwl other than a feed reader, also works like a browser and allows browsing through webpages from the feed.Browse Website

You can access more options from Tools -> Preferences and can use the customization options to change text, color, language and assign custom hotkeys. Other options include proxy settings, favorites and pop-up blocking.

Hotkeys 2

RSSOwl works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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