How To Run Popular Audio And Video File Formats in Windows 8 By Installing Codecs

If you are having problem running some popular audio and video formats in Windows 8, then it’s time you installed Windows 8 Codecs. It is a codecs pack for Win 8 computers, which upgrades your media player with up-to-date codecs, so that you can playback all major video and audio formats including; AMR, MPC, OFR, OGG, OGV, OGM, RMVB, Xvid, DIVX, MKV, MKA, Flac, APE, EVO,  FLV and M4b.

Windows 8 Codecs

How Does Windows 8 Codecs Work

This codec package automatically removes existing packages and installs a more comprehensive package so that the user does not require making any kind of adjustments or tweaks to play the most common audio/video files on Win 8.  After this package is installed,  you will be able to play supported file types using any media player, to play all types of movies, songs and video clips. For example, you can use Windows Media Player or some other installed media player to play media files, with the help of installed codecs. Furthermore, after installing the  Codecs pack, you can remove some parts of the package, without uninstalling the entire package. Any removed item can also be added again anytime. During the installation process you can even choose which packages to install.

Windows 8 Codecs Pack

Play Unsupported Files On Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player does not play file types like MKV by default, however, after installing the codecs pack you can play such files. The below image displays WMP playing an MKV file after the installation of the Codecs.

MKV File Running in Windows 8

How To Install The Codecs Pack

To install the Codecs package, see the demonstration from the video given below. You can download this package from the link given at the end of this post. You can also watch this video and other tutorials on the WML Cloud YouTube Channel via this link: How To Run Unsupported Audio And Video Files in Win 8.

When installing this codecs pack it is advised to see all available options, as it installs an additional media player as well. This media player can later be removed if you are satisfied with WMP as your default player. Obviously, you can also use other workarounds like the installation of VLC Player, KM Player, etc.

Download Windows 8 Codecs