Save Clipboard History For Pasting Text To Any Application Anytime

Clipboard Master is a Windows applications that stores texts, files and pictures which are copied to the clipboard. This allows pasting an item in another application easily, without having to repeatedly copy items to paste them in other applications. It has features such as the utility to add custom hotkeys and the ability to convert number to or from hexadecimal format and coded characters.

Once launched, Clipboard Master works from the system tray from where it keeps track of the copied content. The content can be viewed and edited via the Create New Item option. Other options allow adding quick salutations for emails (from Mails and Letters), as well as the option to add current date, time, special characters, etc to an application (e.g. Microsoft Word).


The copied content can be selected and pasted directly to an application from the available list with the Windows+V hotkey. The list contains recently copied material that can be added to other applications. You can have an overview of the saved items and make amendments to them by going to the Create New Item option from the system tray menu. The Macros menu can be used to perform editing tasks to the clipboard content by adding current date, time, a new line, Ascii-code and more.


Clipboard Master settings primarily allow changing keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, automatic clipboard detection and the like. These settings can be accessed like all the features of Clipboard Master i.e. from the system tray menu.


Although it claims to paste entire pictures and files, however, during testing it did not past anything more than text from the clipboard. It works on the following OS:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Clipboard Master