Scan, Backup And Import Windows Drivers With Semper Driver Backup

Semper Driver Backup is a driver backup software for backing up system drivers for restoring them later. What makes Semper a bit different from other driver backup software is that it provides easier driver identification and installation, by creating  a single folder containing all driver files and not just the setup files. The operating system is also alerted of this folder by Semper, to avoid conflicts for the identification of the backup folder. Moreover, it provides a prompt for drivers which may not have backed up and displays a log file for analyzing the backup and restore process.

Semper Driver Backup, automatically scans your computer for available drivers with additional details. To start the backup process click on Backup Drivers.

Semper Driver Backup

The first time you attempt to backup your drivers, you will be asked to select a backup . This will backup your drivers to the selected backup folder.

Semper Driver Backup_2011-07-02_11-03-25

You can import your drivers anytime from the backup file by clicking on Import Drivers . Semper Driver Backup has both a free and paid version, the Enterprise (paid) version provides additional options which can be handy for system administrators, such as, drive collection from a remote computer or from a login script.

Semper Driver Backup

After the importing procedure is complete, you are displayed with a log file with the details about the importing process.

ADMIN-PC - 02072011

Also check out other driver back utilities which you may find useful, namely, Driver Identifier and DriverBackup. Semper Driver Backup works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Semper Driver Backup