Scan Websites For Virus, Errors, Malicious Scripts, etc, Website Security Monitor

It can be hard to identify if your website has been affected by malware or some phishing script. To identify such issues or to scan your website for malicious agents,  you can use Website Security Monitor. It checks selected websites for unauthorized or malicious links, scripts, ads and inappropriate content. It also provides information regarding website accessibility, performance, web server, database integrity, number of external and internal links, web server security, etc.

Click on Site manager and add website(s) to scan. You can also scan multiple websites simultaneously.


A report will be generated, displaying website summary, scripts, and links.

Website Security Monitor

All potentially harmful content and ads are flagged in red color.

Website Security Monitor

To restrict number of threads, page size and page speed during the scanning process, click on program Settings and select your desired settings.

Program Settings

The Partner Websites tab displays a list of websites which are excluded from being flagged as malicious. These include Twitter, Google Adsense, Wikipedia, Facebook, Feedburner and the like. You can further add websites to this list by clicking in the middle of the box and entering a website name.

Partner websites

Similarly, Stop Words tab contains the words excluded from being flagged, you can further add words to refine your scan.

Stop words

Website Security Monitor works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Website Security Monitor