Send Large Files via Email By Uploading Them To ZipSend

A few days back I reviewed a web service , which has been developed by the creators of WinZip, known as ZipShare. This service allows  users to instantly share heavy files with Facebook friends. ZipSend is another useful web service by WinZip (developers), which makes it easy to send heavy files to recipients via email, without flooding their inbox with the file size.

ZipSend integrates itself with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and MS Outlook (via a plugin). When you attach a file, the file is uploaded to ZipSend servers and a hyperlink to the file is sent to the recipient, instead of the heavy file itself. This way, you can avoid over capacitating your friend’s inbox with large files and make it easy for him/her to download the file from ZipSend servers.  ZipSend provides up to 50MB of attachment size (per email) for free members and up to 2GB for paid members.

In order to use ZipSend, you will have to sign up for a free account and download the plugin to integrate it with the attachment option, within your MS Outlook mail client, as well as for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Once the ZipSend plugin is installed, you can attach and send heavy files via MS Outlook using the Attach Large File option from the Message tab.

MS Outlook

When you click Send the mail will not be immediately sent, instead, a new window will pop-up, where you will have to enter your ZipSend login credentials. Once done, click OK to send your message.

Zip Send

When the recipient receives this message, a download link is automatically included within the email.


The recipient can click this link to get redirected to ZipSend servers for retrieving the attachment.

The option to send large files via email using Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail accounts becomes available when you click Attach option from Compose. You can compress and encrypt the files, while attaching them (by ticking the compress and encrypt options). In case you are attaching an image, it can be re-sized using the built in Resize Image option.

Send file from Gmail

Advanced options can be configured from WinZip Courier (plugin) Options.


Files which are uploaded via the ZipSend free account are kept on ZipSend servers for 7 days, whereas the pro (paid) account (worth $9.99) provides you with file transfer stats, along with unlimited file transfers and file storage time, the ability to delete files and up to 2GB file storage limit.

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