Share Mouse & Keyboard Across Multiple Computers With ShareMouse

ShareMouse is a cross-platform application for Windows and Mac OS X which lets you share your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers (using the same wired or wireless network connection). It can not only be used as a replacement for Synergy, but also used instead of a KVM Switch which is a hardware device for using the same keyboard, mouse and monitor across multiple computers (hence the name KVM for keyboard, video and monitor). Back in the day I have worked with a KVM switch and I must admit that it was quite annoying to push those buttons to share hardware components between numerous servers.

While ShareMouse cannot replace the video factor of a KVM switch, it can be used for sharing the mouse and keyboard. Other factors which make ShareMouse quite handy include, the option to hide and encrypt a shared connection over a network. You can also share items across computers by dragging and dropping them to another system. ShareMouse does not require manual configuration and can be used quite easily.

To share your mouse and keyboard, install ShareMouse on at least two separate computers over the same network (virtual machines are not recommended) and go to Settings from the system tray.


To enable drag and drop of files and synchronization of clipboard (copied content), go to Data Exchange tab. From here you can set a hotkey to quickly share copied content from one computer to paste onto another system.

Data Exchange

Make sure you select a UDE port from the Network tab for communication. You can also click Find Free Port to automatically obtain a free communication port for sharing mouse and keyboard over a network using MouseShare.

Find Free Port

From the Security tab, you can either select the unprotected mode or enable sharing protection which restrict sharing of mouse and keyboard between computers with the same password and encrypt the sharing connection.


You can manage connected Monitors by dragging them to change their order (from Monitor Manager option accessible from system tray menu).

Monitor manager


Step 1. Install ShareMouse on at least two separate computers.

Step 2. Select a UDP port from network tab to avoid connectivity issues.

Step 3. Start using the shared keyboard and mouse

Optionally you can encrypt the connection and restrict it to systems with the same password ( as explained earlier).

You can also check out the video demo below to see the procedure involved in sharing your mouse and keyboard using ShareMouse.


ShareMouse with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X

Download MouseShare