Skip Windows 8 Metro Start Screen To See Classic Desktop At Startup

Ever since the introduction of the Windows 8 Metro UI and the Metro Start Screen many people have been willing to find ways to either turn off some or all Metro features or to bypass them. Since many users are more acquainted with the Classic Windows Desktop, for this reason they wish to avoid the Metro Start Screen when Windows 8 starts. Fortunately, a third-party developer “JoeX” has developed an application which allows users to bypass the Metro Start Screen.

This free software is known as ClassicStarter and has only one button. All you have to do is to click the button to see the classic desktop when you login the next time. See below instructions for more details, followed by the download link for this software.

Step 1: Click the Desktop Metro Tile to switch to the classic desktop (as shown below).


Step 2: Download Classic Start and extract the RAR file. You will need a tool like WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the content of the file.

Extract File

Step 3: In the next step, run the ClassStarter file as Administrator. This will directly log you into the classic start menu the next time you start your computer. You can restart your system to experience the change.

Login to classic desktop

Note: It must be noted that Classic Start does not disable the Metro Start Screen or any Metro element, but merely makes the classic Windows desktop as the default login session. If you would like to completely disable the Metro Screen, then check out our review of ViStart.

To Revert Back To Classic Start Screen As Default Session At System Startup

In order to undo the changes, simply run ClassicStart once more and select Logon to Metro Desktop. This will make the Metro Screen as the default logon session for your Windows 8 computer.

Logon To Metro Desktop

You can get more information about this tool from the developer’s forum thread here.

Download ClassicStarter