Skip Windows 8 Start Screen, Disable Charms Bar, Hot Corners And Switch List

Since the inception of Windows 8 many users have been attempting to find ways to bypass some of the new features including the Metro Start Screen, Charms Bar and Hot Corners. There have been a lot of applications that have provided the functionality to control some of these features but not all. Skip Metro Suite is a Windows 8 application that allows users to bypass the Start Screen, disable Top-Left Switcher and the Charms Bar, as well as the Hot Corners.

Using this app is pretty easy as all you have to do is to run Skip Metro Suite, check the desired features and then click Save Settings. This will disable the selected features and retain the ones you might have left unchecked (if any).


While the above image is quite self-explanatory, you can also check out the video given below to get an overview of how to use the Skip Metro Suite application.

If you think that Skip Metro Suite  might be inadequate to give you the desired functionality, then you might find the below applications of interest. You can download Skip Metro Suite from the link given below and also check out some other suggest applications and tips from the below list to unlock, fix or disable numerous Windows 8 features.


  • ClassicStarter: Allows to switch back to the classic desktop in Windows 8.
  • ViStart: Allows getting the classic start menu back in Windows 8.
  • Multibar: Add a dock to Windows 8.


Download Skip Metro Suite