Switch Between Windows 8 Start Menu Style Without Restarting PC

Since the release of Windows 8, many users have been willing to switch from or to disable Windows 8 Metro UI to get back to the Windows 7 Style Classic Start Menu. I previously reviewed to application which performed this task i.e. Metro Controller and Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle. But using these applications mean that you need to restart your PC each time, to change Start Menu Styles. Here is an easy way to avoid that.

Winodws8 Startmenu is a Windows8 gadget which allows switching between the Metro UI and Windows 7 style user interface without requiring to restart your PC.

Like any gadget you can drag it around the desktop and expand it to access options from Options (Wrench icon). The gadgets background color and start menu style can be changed from Options. The five available colors for the gadget background include, grey, purple, violet, green and indigo.

Windows 8 gadget

Here is an example of how the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu looks like in Windows 8.

Start Menu

You can also switch to the Windows 7 Start Menu style without accessing gadget options from the main interface. This can be done by simply clicking on the start menu image.

Change Start menu[2]

So switch between the Metro UI and the good old Windows 7 Start Menu at your convenience without any restarting your PC using Windows8 Startmenu software.

Download Winodws8 StartMenu