Switch Network Proxy Settings In A Single Click With Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher indeed proves that small can be useful in a big way. It can be used as an alternative to JimIP Switcher for toggling between your browser’s proxy settings. It allows applying and undoing proxy settings over all the browsers from the system tray via a simple click. In other words, you can undo your laptop’s proxy settings, (configured for your office network), within a single click. Proxy Switcher allows disabling the proxy settings when a user clicks on the Home button. Likewise, clicking on the Office button from the system tray, enables the proxy settings again. This way users do not require manually changing their browser and messenger  settings. To automatically detect changes, users can enable the Auto option. This will automatically detect and switch between a proxy server when it is available and vice versa.

It supports commonly used browsers and software such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Live Messenger and the like.

Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Proxy Switcher