Transcribe Text And Save It In WAV Format With Text To Speech WAV

Proof reading can be a nuisance, particularly when you are tired. In such a case a good transcription software can be of immense help, as the text can be played back for you to check errors more easily. Furthermore, transcription software are also quite useful for people with hearing impairments. Text To Speech WAV is a free Windows software that provides text to speech utility and also enables users to convert any text to WAV format. By saving the playback of the text content to WAV format, you can easily launch the audio file anytime to listen to the transcribed text.

Text To Speech WAV comes with a number of handy options, including bit rate selection, volume adjustment, etc. All you have to do is to copy and paste the respective text and click Say. This will playback the text. You can select the audio format between mono and stereo, adjust volume and speech speed, and save the playback to WAV (audio) format by clicking the Save option. Each word that is being transcribed is highlighted for the convenience of the end user.

Text To Speech WAV

Text To Speech WAV has many similar attributes to the Linux application known as Gspeaker, which is quite a handy application for Ubuntu users. During testing I found the playback quality of a saved WAV file to be quite remarkable. This makes Text To Speech WAV stand out from other transcribing applications, as it offers good quality playback and rich options that are hard to find in other transcription applications. The only thing that a few users might find annoying are the ads that are displayed at the bottom of the interface. However, it is natural that freeware developers require having a source of income for their hard work and ad-supported applications seem to be the answer for that. This software is compatible with the following Windows based operating systems:

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