Translate Text From Desktop Applications And Browsers With Linguarde

Linguarde is a Google powered language desktop translator for Google Translate. It not only provides desktop functionality to translate text from multiple languages, but also integrates with browsers and programs to provide instant translation of highlighted words. This makes it possible to get translations for browsers which do not automatically translate foreign languages. Browser translation support also helps avoid installation of third-part extensions which are likely to reduce browser performance. You can save your translated text as a TXT file or copy to save it.

Run Linguarde and enter text to translate it to a selected languages (e.g. French to English or English to French). By default, the language is auto detected and is translated to English. Once you have entered text in the above text box, click Translate to get the translation.

English To French

To change default language preferences  go to Settings option from the system tray.


From here, you can select default translation preferences, configure proxy settings (Connection tab) and change the default hotkey (ALT+L) for translation window.


Linguarde can translate text from within programs as well. To translate words in any language, highlight the text and click on the Linguarde icon that pops up.


This will open a small window with the translated text. The text translations will depend on your default preferences (such as translate to English).

MS Word

Similarly, you can highlight text in any browser to get translations for highlighted text.


Linguarde comes with both a Free and Pro version (worth $24.95). The free version provides all the above mentioned functionalities. Linguarde works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Linguarde

[via ilovefreesoftware]