TubeCast Uploads YouTube Videos From Desktop, No Flash Required

TubeCast is a portable software which allows uploading multiple videos simultaneously to YouTube from your desktop, without the need of a Flash based uploader. Using this open source software you can eliminate the need of having to visit YouTube or to use a browser for uploading videos. Before videos are uplaoded, you can also set the category, title, tags, etc for the video and sharing options. The uploading process is simple and requires you to login to a YouTube account from the available option.

To upload videos, enter your YouTube account credentials and start adding videos from Add Videos.


Once a video is selected,add further details such as video title, description, and tags. Other options can be used to select a category for the video, allowing comments, ratings, and embedding options.


Click Upload Videos to start the uploading process. You can upload multiple videos simultaneously without the need of  Flash to be installed on your computer.


TubeCast works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download TubeCast